MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS – Correduría Pública 23



This firm practice has broad experience in the advisement, negotiation and drafting of contracts and agreements for corporate acquisitions and sales, as well as asset purchases, mergers and joint ventures in a variety of industries and business sectors. The service is complemented with our due diligence services covering all areas of law, to determine the legal status of the companies and/or assets under each transaction.
Our Firm has been actively involved in these transactions both nationally and internationally, representing various corporate groups, individual and family businesses and multinational corporations from such countries as the United States, Canada, Korea, Spain, Japan and Mexico.

Our services in this area range from the development of due diligence checklists, including the review and analysis of corporate, tax, foreign trade, labor, environmental, financial and other key aspects. We also advise our clients in the drafting and negotiation of windup agreements and related documents, always aiming to protect the client’s interest against any potential legal contingencies.
In particular, our merger and acquisitions practice provides the following legal services:

• Advisement, drafting and negotiation of joint venture agreements and all related contracts and documents.
• Advisement, drafting and negotiation of stock and/or asset purchase agreements, stressing clauses to protect the client’s interests such as conditions, representations, guarantees and liabilities.
• Due diligence in all areas of law to determine the legal status of the companies and/or assets under the transaction, in order to set all necessary conditions in the respective agreements.
• Analysis of operations, sales volume, financial statements and asset values of parties to the transaction, and other factors required to determine whether the arrangement warrants notification to the Federal

Competition Commission and all filings with such authority, including negotiations and proceedings to request private rulings as necessary.

In general, the drafting of all corporate and business documents and agreements to carry on the business, including the analysis and establishment of investment vehicles, restructuring alternatives and special filings and proceedings to perfect the transaction.