CONTRACTS – Correduría Pública 23



Our firm’s contract practice includes such services as the drafting and negotiation of domestic and international contracts and agreements for civil and commercial purposes, including contracts for the acquisition and sale of a business or company (stock purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements, mergers and joint ventures in various industries and business sectors). We also draft and negotiate all other contracts our clients’ businesses require, such as distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements and supply agreements, among others. Coordinating with the real estate law practice of our firm, we also offer such contract services as the analysis, drafting and negotiation of Mexican real estate acquisition contracts including promise of sale, letters of intent, property deeding, lease and bailment agreements, as well as construction agreements, cost-plus agreements, and others such as real estate transfer trusts for the restricted zone and management and/or guaranty trusts as the business may require.

We also provide parallel counsel in related matters, including:

• Analysis and support to implement creditor guaranties and the respective agreements such as letters of credit, bonds, patronage letters and others, as well as special clauses and mediation and arbitration agreements for dispute resolution.
• Drafting and negotiation of all kinds of trust agreements, particularly real estate trusts, management trusts and guaranty trusts, among others.
• Analysis and support to obtain authorizations, permits and licenses as the contracts may require, including those necessary to import and export products and equipment.
• Analysis and support of intercompany transactions and the drafting the respective agreements, including loan agreements, maquila manufacturing arrangements and liability agreements.
• Due diligence to track compliance with the contractual obligations.
• Notices and negotiations with the Federal Competition Commission given each agreement’s antitrust impact, including the potential effects of concentrations and absolute and relative monopolies.
• Drafting and resolution of shareholder and joint venture agreements.

Official filings to obtain the authorization of certain contracts such as Adhesion Agreements with the consumer protection authority.