CORPORATE LAW – Correduría Pública 23



Our corporate law practice includes such services as corporate and business planning, corporate restructuring, financial and real estate transactions, designing legal structures to implement corporate governance policies, and legal representation and powers of attorney in general.

Our firm has a broad client base comprising a variety of types of private companies and individual investors carrying on commercial activities, real estate businesses, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical and financial operations, among others. Our close client relationships enable us to understand their businesses and advise them on their daily needs.

Our attorneys are thus in a position to give practical and efficient responses to our clients’ problems and questions.

Our attorneys’ experience allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive advisement considering not only the legal aspects but also all commercial and strategic considerations each company may require.

Our firm provides legal services and counsel in the creation of Mexican companies, including partnerships, public or private corporations, joint-stock concerns and limited liability companies. We also have experience in international business transactions, public and private offerings, and general matters such as due diligence or the preparation of legal audits.

We also carry corporate books and records for our clients, working in ongoing consultation with their tax and financial advisors and auditors, to keep our clients in compliance with their annual legal obligations.